Everyone has that one class where they walk in and immediately want to commit mass homicide

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I’m gonna burn my house down just to get Makoto over to save me.Notice me senpai!~~

I’m gonna burn my house down just to get Makoto over to save me.

Notice me senpai!~~

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Makoharu and the stairs of love

This is too much for my heart ♡

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Being Levi must be suffering

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4Chan is raiding tumblr with spam, meanwhile tumblr is writing fanfiction about 4ChUmblr. Lmao


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ppl posting gore in the snk tag


in the Shingeki no Kyojin tag

the fucking show about giants eating humans


who are you trying to impress, champ

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Hey all, watch out. The 4chan spammers are moving to fandom things now, too.

So, apparently those poor excuses of human beings that pesters 4chan are on a rampage in making tumblr tags not safe. Knowing the trash that populate that site, I won’t be surprised if they post pic of real, extreme violence/gore/rape and whatnot. It’s not gonna be a big problem for me seeing how I’ve stopping browsing any kind of tag months ago, but it doesn’t hurt raising some awareness. Be careful out there, people.

So yeah, apparently a bunch of spammers are having a troll day on Tumblr today. Posting gore/graphic/disturbing content. You don’t wanna go in the tags; it’s one of those “you can never unsee it” type of deals. Just sit tight, don’t feed the trolls, and wait for them to finish wanking.

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I’m a horse, too and nooooboooody knows
I’m a horse, too and nooooboooody knows

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Shuffle me (a Levi x Eren Fanfic)

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10142828/1/Shuffle-me

Title: Shuffle me
Pairing: Levi x Eren  ( Side pairing(s): Jean x Marco … and more)
Universe: Alternate universe, our world, just, our boring little world with a splendid twist.
Rating: T (‘Occasional’ Levi swearing)
Genre: Drama, Romance

Synopsis ( Or summary, whatever floats your boat x’D ) :

Eren receives a beautiful gift from his older sister, Mikasa. It is an IPod touch. Eren was overly happy with his present and enjoyed every sound the gadget made. One day the IPod starts to play songs that do not exist in his song list. Eren thinks his IPod is malfunctioning. But is it really malfunctioning? Or is it something else?


I hope you guys enjoy reading this! Please tell me what you thought of it.

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When your makeup looks perfect ….

He actually looks kinda good…—-


When your makeup looks perfect ….

He actually looks kinda good…—-

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My greatest masterpeice

my eyes


My greatest masterpeice

my eyes

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Hanji’s gender (Manga) -Spoilers-

Sooo… We all had our speculations about Hanji’s gender in the manga. The anime clearly showed them as a woman, while the manga kept quiet about their gender… I read the latest chapter of AOT and I actually found out that the mangaka gave Hanji a feminine aspect; breasts. I will show you some shots i made of the chapter, once again it may contain SPOILERS. So if you don’t wany, stop looking D:< 


^ Check the first panel, and look at the curve of her chest.^ 

v This wasn’t the only shot I took. v


Okay guys, so this manga page confused me like totally. If you check out the first panel, you can see a slight curve on Hanji’s chest. So I would assume that Hanji is a girl in the manga.. BUT, when you check out the last panel of this page , you can see a curve on her neck that looks like an Adam’s apple. Or is it just me?

What if Hanji is actually cross-dressing as a woman? Who knows. I think Hanji might be a woman, but this Adam’s apple is confusing me… I don’t know what to believe anymore.. 

Update: I checked other pages in the same manga chapter, but I couldn’t see the mysterious curve on Hanji’s neck anymore… Mmm..

For now I will assume that Hanji is a girl, but who knows? Anything can happen..

I would love to hear your theories about this since I find this quite interesting!

Double update: I received a lot of mails about the Adam’s apple thing so I inspected it from a cloaer distance (with my glasses on lol) and you guys were right. It’s a shadow that makes the neck look masculine. :D Now.. I think Hanji is officially a girl right now but her character is still genderless :)

Umm Triple update I guess? I just received a PM about someone telling me that calling Hanji an ‘it’ was insulting to the gender-varieties that are spread over the world? Umm.. To any whom I insulted, I didn’t mean to but I didn’t see anything wrong with it I guess. (I’m not a native speaker so.. lol)

I’ve changed it to ‘them’ and ‘their’ etc, not quite understanding what difference I am making but I don’t want to insult anyone so.. :D

I only called her an ‘it’ because I usually refer mystery characters in anime and manga that way, like, if I can’t figure out their gender. I guess it’s an old quirk of mine, so please don’t feel insulted by it. 

Enjoy reading it though!

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me waking up late to school


me in my first class


me in math


when a teacher asks me a question


when texting during class


when I get a pop-quiz


during quiz


last class


bell rings


conclusion I am Levi.

we are all levi

everyone is levi

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Found some of the pictures by AoT anime artist…. I think this artist is a LevixEren fan.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

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